Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google becoming Apple? Assistance/suggestions requested!

Bloody hell, I'm in a spot of bother! 

Blogger, who currently host this blog have told me I can't have adult advertising on a blogger site... 

I only have adult based advertising because Google/Blogger won't put google ads on there (I used to have Google Ads, which I prefer to be honest) due to the adult content of I have a content warning you have to click before entering and everything!

Are Google turning into Apple and dictating what we can and can't view as adults because this is one of the things that used to set them apart? There still seem to be adult based apps in Google Play, Dating Apps among others, plenty of "adult" screen savers/wallpapers etc available? I don't get it and it pisses me right off.

I have to have the ads (which aren't really generating any money, not really enough to cover the domain name let alone anything else but that's not the point!) by the 30th! 
Any ideas where I can host for free... that is moderately easy to use(I'm not very good at website stuff!)???

And I guess... is there a way, ok a straight forward way to migrate all the content, posts etc I have made to the new platform whatever it might be? what a cockup, ad revenue won't even cover the hosting costs... oh well, I guess I just don't get to have ads for now... Angry! would have been nice to get a cheque at the end of the year to pay for the Domain name at least :/

Ok... here's a pic to take the edge off haha:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Submission from the beautiful Crystal Anne Mitchell

This is the stunning Crystal Anne Mitchell, I thank her for her submission and hope to bring you some more in the future! Don't forget I am happy to accept user submissions either via the facebook page or on Thanks Crystal, from all of us ;)

PS: Check out her page on Facebook HERE!